Basaltic Lava from Flagstaff, Arizona

Proving conducted in December 1994

Misha Norland and the School of Homoeopathy



Materia Medica








Day 1

Feeling stoned, very centred in self. Observing without emotion, remember saying "if a bomb went off, I wouldn't jump". P8 1 +00.00 NS

Felt very calm, like a great weight had slipped from me, I was left with no tension. No physical sensation. Very focused in my head - spaced out feeling. P6 1 +00.00 NS

Feeling of being taken up; stoned, very high. Giggling involuntarily (nothing funny). Can't stop grinning. Feel as if I'm being carried along, like the start of an exciting journey. Very sensitive to any little sound. Keep seeing something moving just out of vision in the corner of my eye. I look around but nothing is there. Feels the same as the beginning of a magic mushroom trip. Everything looks round, like I'm in a fishbowl. I stood up and felt very tall. Said I needed to go to bed, I did, but wanted more to go off and explore things. P5 1 +00.10 NS

Confused, I feel that I'm not in the same reality as other people, I'm cut off, but I find it funny. I think everyone else must also be out of it, because the things they do seem strange and funny. P5 1 +00.30 NS

Time to go back to B&B I presume. Must follow friend, don't know what I'm meant to be doing to be normal. I just want to follow because if I do what they do I'll be OK (Felt a bit frightened really). Can't take responsibility for myself. P5 1 +00.45 NS

On rising from the floor I was wobbly on my feet, unsteady - lasting minutes. P6 1 +00.45 NS

Feeling of tightness along inner edge of right thigh, lasted 1 minute. P6 1 +01.00 NS

Writing different, writing above the line, as if words had to be filled in middle of box. (All evening) P1 1 XX.XX NS

Lapse of memory, (after dropping daughter I was back on road in 2 minutes, I thought terrible!, she's going away for Christmas and I haven't wished her a happy holiday etc.) Feelings of omission, guilt and neglected duty, must phone her then realized there would be school for 2 more days. P1 1 +01.05 NS

While driving on motorway can see potential danger, but feel completely safe. Flashbacks of old dangerous driving situations I had mastered without fear. Feel completely safe yet somehow surprised to think about potential dangers. (I always feel safe.) P1 1 +01.15 NS

Starting to feel burnt out, a bit down. I feel like I've a lot to do, big hill to climb. P5 1 +02.00 NS

Active mind, keep getting carried away on a thought, forget myself and my thought. P5 1 +02.30 NS

Felt something in room with me but not scary. P5 1 +02.35 NS

Day 2

Feeling of despising. I first projected and then turned the feeling to inner-self. Could not understand why I despised myself. P2 2 XX.XX NS

Lapsed into intense daydreams. Very strange thoughts really got carried away into them. I thought that the lecturer has a resemblance to my stepfather. Thought she must be his long lost daughter (he has one). P5 2 XX.XX NS

Night. (Couldn't sleep) Feelings of nihilism. P5 2 XX.XX NS

Felt like a teenager. Couldn't care less about anything i.e., course, proving, want to give it all up, its all bollocks. It's all hopeless, wanted to tell the world to f*** off. Despair of everything, not just life but its very meaning. P5 2 XX.XX OS

Wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come. P5 2 XX.XX NS

Awoke feeling grumpy. P6 2 XX.XX NS

Walking, felt my hips very strange, very conscious of them. P10 2 XX.XX NS

Sharp pain around left top of head, also around eyeballs. Worse when breathing. P10 2 XX.XX NS

Very spaced, know there is something I should be doing but I don't know what. P10 2 XX.XX NS

Feel contented, the defensiveness and anger I had all week is not there. P10 2 XX.XX NS

Over the top giggliness and bouncy. P10 2 XX.XX NS

Persons I know keep looking at me and asking if I'm okay. P10 2 XX.XX NS

Seem to have loads of time to do things, normally feel quite stressed. P10 2 XX.XX NS

Went to bed, woke up suddenly with the feeling of someone in the house, there wasn't . P10 2 XX.XX NS

Very conscious of the others in the house coming in later that night . P10 2 XX.XX NS

Day 3

Feelings of apathy, indifference. Nihilism returning, but can ignore them with people around. P5 3 09.00 NS

Feel like I'm going up again. Happy, contented glad to be here. Giggly. Very distracted want to do my own thing. Not listening to lecture. Lost myself in my head, clearly hear my own voice, just my inner thought and feelings. Feel very awake, especially when considering how little sleep I had and earlier illness. P5 3 16.00 NS

Noticed I was smiling widely lasted all day-felt happy excitement as though something good was about to happen 'excited anticipation'. P6 3 XX.XX NS

Unable to keep up with taking notes during lecture (usually no problem. Sup- couldn't retain information long enough, although lecture wasn't fast). P6 3 XX.XX NS

Woke up early thinking about my separation (I separated a few mouths earlier) and about Christmas coming. P10 3 XX.XX NS

Got the feeling again of someone in the house. P10 3 XX.XX NS

Can't remember my dreams. P10 3 XX.XX NS

During the day I feel impatient and agitated while waiting my turn in a shop, but generally feeling content. P10 3 XX.XX NS

Laughing a lot, nose slightly blocked, light headed. P10 3 XX.XX NS

I thought my voice sounded different on my answering machine, deeper. My supervisor commented on my voice being low, deep. A patient said my voice sounded different, lower, deeper. P10 3 XX.XX NS

Day 4

I felt less involved in the emotions of the day. P2 4 XX.XX NS

Woke feeling very awake, alert (usually groggy). P5 4 XX.XX NS

Mind very clear, focussed. Lots of day dreams, big ideas plans. Wanted to work with the music on, feel very together, in control. P5 4 XX.XX NS

Night. Startled by thunder, felt scared. P5 4 XX.XX NS

Excited feeling, like something good was going to happen:- in solar plexus, butterflies, wobbly, nice sensation. P6 4 XX.XX NS

Very tired and hung over all day. P10 4 XX.XX NS

Had this feeling life is wonderful, so simple. P10 4 XX.XX NS

Feeling a lot more detached from things, less passionate. P10 4 XX.XX NS

Content for the most part but alternating with agitation. P10 4 XX.XX NS

Day 5

Lack of concentration, confusion. AM. Feeling spaced out. P5 5 XX.XX NS

Lack of concentration. Drifting off staring into space undirected. Not together, unremembered thoughts and length of time. P5 5 XX.XX OS

Feel calm and contented, unusual for start of menses (usually feel weepy and dissatisfied). P5 5 XX.XX NS

Awoke with no excited feeling, just tired. P6 5 XX.XX NS

Assertive, postponed trip to library with friend because felt I had too much to do, normally would have gone regardless. P6 5 XX.XX NS

Felt agitated, overburdened, not enough time to do everything I have to do. P6 5 XX.XX NS

Very focused on what I am doing all day, still feeling life is very simple. Don't want to hear conflict of any kind, just want an ideal world. P10 5 XX.XX NS

Day 6

Exhilarated, singing, loudly or quietly to myself. P2 6 XX.XX NS

Twinges of self despising,- came and went quickly - connected with feeling of inadequacy in the eyes of others. P2 6 XX.XX RS

Evening. Jump from noises. P5 6 XX.XX NS

Feeling slightly disorientated. Misheard a couple of times on the phone. Difficulty in understanding complex work problems, close to tears because couldn't get them right in mind; evening. P6 6 XX.XX NS

Very clear thinking and what I need to say. P10 6 XX.XX NS

Nothing seems a problem to say, agitated that people make life very complicated, it is so simple. P10 6 XX.XX NS

Feeling very philosophical about things. P10 6 XX.XX NS

If something happens I really don't want or would rather do something else I just accept it or ignore it and get on with it. P10 6 XX.XX NS

Feeling very childlike. P10 6 XX.XX NS

Day 7

No fluey feeling today. Felt fine in good spirits, thinking straight and sorting things out that had seemed difficult yesterday. (Feeling as though she had been ill and feeling great today. P6 7 XX.XX NS

Feeling very childlike in what I am saying and eating all the time. P10 7 XX.XX NS

I feel like a little child inside. P10 7 XX.XX NS

Feeling very focused. P10 7 XX.XX NS

Got infuriated at work over the way one of the guys was acting, it was fine though. P10 7 XX.XX NS

Find it very easy to say what I think, no power trips on people. I actually gathered my boss, his boss from head office and told them exactly what I thought of them, the job and told them if they wanted me to take all the 'crap', responsibility and workload they were insinuating then they'd better start thinking of paying me accordingly. I also told them if the guy who had infuriated me, was promoted I'd leave, I then left early. P10 7 XX.XX NS

A child I was treating developed a high fever late at night, just went down and dealt with it (normally would panic). P10 7 XX.XX NS

Day 8

All day. Feeling distracted, can't concentrate on anything for more than half hour. Unable to cope. Really frustrated about having to work on Saturdays. P6 8 XX.XX NS

Feel like swearing and using foul language. P6 8 19.00 NS

Still feeling childlike. P10 8 XX.XX NS

Found it hard to get up. P10 8 XX.XX NS

Got really mad at work. Finding it hard to make conversation with people (extremely unusual). P10 8 XX.XX NS

Tried to reason it out with my boss at work, gave him an ultimatum. P10 8 XX.XX NS

Beginning to suspect that I'm blocking out things that are happening - I don't want to know about them. P10 8 XX.XX NS

Day 9

Feeling chirpy. Driving fasted than normal. Felt less hassled even though I had to work:- very good mood, no physical sensations. P6 9 XX.XX NS

Driving home from evening out, was driving really badly, carelessly. A bit spacey again, felt I had drunk a lot but hadn't. P6 9 23.15 NS

Woke up thinking about the society. Supervisor thinks the remedy makes people feel like having a go at me, that I'm smug, not likeable - I feel very likeable, soft and cuddly. P10 9 XX.XX NS

Can't get cases done. P10 9 XX.XX NS

Very clear on what and no problem asking for it. P10 9 XX.XX NS

People say I'm much quieter than usual (This night we had a meeting about the society, people were shocked at my behaviour, I was compared to Ian Paisley). P10 9 XX.XX NS

(Supervisor's comments): She is arrogant, unfeeling, dictatorial. Totally disinterested in anything anybody has to say except herself. I hate being around her - it's a horrible state - repulsive. P10 9 XX.XX NS

People say what would be hurtful things to her - she doesn't care. If anyone crossed her, she just goes for them, otherwise doesn't bother to talk. P10 9 XX.XX NS

Day 10

Felt fine less chirpy than yesterday but felt well. P6 10 XX.XX NS

Waking up angry again, it's been a crazy, busy week. P10 10 XX.XX NS

Feeling guilty about everything, feeling I am a lousy prover. P10 10 XX.XX NS

My dog is missing, it's quite handy, I had nobody to mind her for the weekend. P10 10 XX.XX NS

Upset, Nuala rang me, very amused at my behaviour the night before at the meeting. I rang my supervisor, she is also laughing at me. I feel quite upset, I don't see anything different about what I'm doing. P10 10 XX.XX NS

I have decided to get a deposit off the two people in the house, the last guy left me with huge bills. They think it's a bit much looking for a deposit out of the blue, but I explained that, that's the way it is. I cannot relax until I have it and that's it. P10 10 XX.XX NS

The people asked me where the dog was, I told them they are shocked, they said normally I get really upset if she's missing for any length of time. looking back I think they are right, maybe this is the proving. I was all set to go and look for her in the dog pound next week and not let on she's mine so I would not have to pay the fine. I would just say I was looking for a dog and then select her, pay the 5.00 for the licence and then I don't have to look for a dog minder for the weekend. They are right though, I'm not sure I would have done this before, I almost cancelled a holiday in the U.S. once because she was sick. P10 10 XX.XX NS

Felt very uncomfortable with my friends that night, thought they did not like me. This is probably due to Nuala and my supervisor's comments today. P10 10 XX.XX NS

Day 11

Feel impatient, want to do something, can't think what. Dissatisfied but no real focus. P5 11 XX.XX NS

Got up reluctantly, very tired, groggy and grumpy, in bad mood, but didn't want Martin to do anything for me, felt snappy, Worse alone. (Felt better after boyfriend left and had a shower and breakfast, was then able to study and work). Lasted from 8 a.m. all day (Phoned Martin but then snapped at him again. Had a bath and thought things through - decided work was a real problem now as too much to do, and felt unappreciated. Resolved to tackle overload issue, phoned to apologize. P6 11 XX.XX NS

Thoughts 'flashed', coming up of awkward and embarrassing times of my life, (while reading in bed "If you meet the Buddha on the road kill him"). P6 11 23.00 NS

I've been going around singing 'I know what I want and I want it now' all week. P10 11 XX.XX NS

I realized I haven't showered for days. I also realize I actually don't feel very fond of any body or any thing. My family are not even in my mind. I did not want to go home last weekend after arranging it, it was to much hassle. P10 11 XX.XX NS

I haven't really wanted to meet anybody in particular at all. P10 11 XX.XX NS

Down on my course for the weekend, feel people I am normally close to are shutting me out a little. Row with one of them, had a good go at him. P10 11 XX.XX NS

The girl I normally close to started to get upset about practicing and damaging people, she nearly drove me mad. I just ended up shouting at her to stop playing games, cop on, stop trying to play God. When I saw the effect on her, I couldn't believe it, am I that bad. Got really upset myself. P10 11 XX.XX NS

Day 12

Incredible tiredness, unbelievable after lunch. P10 12 XX.XX NS

Feeling a lot of people don't like me. P10 12 XX.XX NS

Clinging a bit to Misha, hoping he can understand, hoping it is the proving. P10 12 XX.XX NS

A girl I'm normally quite close to, confronted me on my behaviour and recalled other incidents in the year where I had been similar. P10 12 XX.XX NS

Felt quite panicky initially, felt attacked for being myself, don't know how I can be different. Then I calmed down and thought, "well I have a lot of good in me as well". Feeling very peaceful with myself, seeing the bigger picture. P10 12 XX.XX NS

Some people are saying I'm quieter, more in myself, laid back not laughing as much. P10 12 XX.XX NS

Day 13

Feeling much more back to myself. I realized I'm not perspiring at all, and I haven't for a while (unusual). P10 13 XX.XX NS

Feeling very peaceful again, it is all very simple again. P10 13 XX.XX NS

People are all on their own journey, when we clash it is not the end of the world. I'm not so bad I should need to consider it, to see what is mine and what is not, what to change and what not. It's a choice. P10 13 XX.XX NS

Day 18

Awoke with a start, I thought someone was in the house (I'd left a downstairs window open a little and I think I was aware of that) I got up and slammed my bedroom door really hard, there was a coat hanging on the top of the door. The force of it splintered the wood at the top. I thought that will see them off (though there was no lock on my bedroom door) and got back into bed. P7 18 XX.XX NS


1st night

No dreams (very unusual) but a feeling of heat and redness, more of a passing thought that I caught. P5 1

For the first time in the two years since my mother's death I had a dream with her in it. I was in car with her. I say, "We'll find a restaurant that I know and I'll take you out to lunch." We manage to get hopelessly lost, missing streets, and we drive into a derelict area, a disused factory, warehouse site, red bricks piled up with trees growing through. There are two pathways, one subterranean and one like a Roman aqueduct. I think, "I've been here before, I know what it is like, it is more fun to explore new territory which is unfamiliar". We walk into open countryside which reminds me of Sedona, Arizona where I had been in July. We clamber over weathered sandstone hillocks. My mother falls off a ledge and disappears out of site into a ravine. I find her wedged in rocks but apparently perfectly well in herself. I'm shocked and say "I didn't think that you would do that". I wake up 6 a.m. P8 1

(I had this dream on three successive nights). Two men were walking by the sea on high cliffs. It was dangerous. One could see the other too near to the edge (now he was running) and shouted out in warning, but he said, "I'm going that way anyway!". The other ran over the cliff edge, fell, smashing himself. On each successive night the fall was more vividly pictured, thus on night three, his brains spewed out all over the place. I/he felt they were both him and he was observing the other. P8 1

Waking with dream 4.30 a.m. With delusion of previous noise in the street, and time, as if 7.30. I am surprised that my alarm set at 6 a.m. didn't go off. Now only 30 minutes, left before having to leave for school. I get up in my nighty to look out of the windows, to find who shouts. Friend staying with us, goes to the bathroom to get ready. I think I should get up now and put new loo paper in there (feelings of guilt, in dream). Slight guilty feelings should have done it earlier. (Friend vomiting in bathroom from proving?). Daughter ready for school, asked neighbour's little girl to come up (I feel hurried but I'm unable to hurry). J send R back downstairs, say we are in a hurry, but I go back to bed, somehow unable to hurry, with a heavy feeling P1 1

Being with the group, in a house, going from room to room searching for them. Wasn't nervous or anxious, just searching. P4 1

Dreamt I was on a journey on a horse. It was night time and raining . I was being followed and searched for by a group of people (the law), and more than once I had to take evasive action. I was trying to get to Yondercott House for a weekends study, but ended up in Tuffnel Park, where I somehow lost the horse and found myself caught up in a school party going through some very expensive shops. I managed to get out of the crowd onto the street, where I set about looking for a place to hire another horse (or a motorcycle). P3 1

I dreamt of a man, whom I lived with from 1977 to 80, in South Africa, we were very much in love. I haven't seen him in fourteen years. We last spoke on the telephone four years ago. I love him still. He looked the same just a bit older, we still felt the same way. (Like Misha said, "when you meet a friend , it seems like no time has passed "). He was interested in my children, we felt very close. It felt wonderful to see each other after all that time. (Their have been many times when I've thought about him, particularly during the last few months, when things were so uncertain with my boyfriend and I wanted to make contact again. I would love to see him again, but I wouldn't want to cause trouble in my present relationship. It seemed safe to dream it here in Devon, away from home). He was smiling, we were doing everyday things together. (I still love him very much. He was helping and supporting me and the children). It was a joyful dream and the first time I've dreamt of him. P7 1

2nd night

I went shopping with my mother who was being very generous to people. We returned home and set again. We were walking up the road to catch the bus when she started to clutch her chest, gasping for air and said she was having fibrillations. She fell down and I shouted for someone to get an ambulance. She turned blue and I started to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation, but didn't know how hard to thump her chest, but I did my best. Didn't really feel scared during the dream and wasn't hysterical, considering the situation. I was very calm about the whole thing, wasn't anything I couldn't deal with. Unlike any previous dream. P5 2

I was steering a big white ship down a narrow canal or channel, not feeling confident about steering. Saw swimmers ahead so steered towards the concrete bank on left to avoid them, but the boat cut through the bank until it was lodged in it perfectly steady and upright. P6 2

In a city with lots of roads and paths intertwining, I had a choice of 2 paths to get to where I wanted to go. the left hand path had 2 gangs of youths on it fooling around, the other was clear. In life I would have taken the right hand path because crowds of people make me feel intimidated, but here I went left. Other people were ahead of me and I caught them up and had to queue to get by the gangs- but it was OK, nothing happened and I got through. I don't often remember dreams. P6 2

Dreamt that I was with partner and I was wanting to sit down, but I knew that there was a big knife somewhere and I was afraid that I would stab myself. I asked her (in an impatient and desperate voice) "where's the knife, where's the knife !!?" She pointed out it was in my belt, if I had sat down it would have stabbed me in the side. I took the knife out and was then able to sit down. P3 2

Dreamt that I took another dose of the proving remedy, only it was as big as a horse pill! It took ages to dissolve and had a peculiar, strong taste. Immediately it produced a great sensation of dull heat, numbness and heaviness, that started in my face, but then extended all throughout my body. "This is better!" I thought, "an undeniably strong reaction". P3 2

A man from my past was trying to pursued me to sleep on a mattress- it was a wet sheet and I refused to lay on this wetness. P4 2

Away in big house somewhere with people from work. My ex-husband's family were there (I was never close to them) and his uncle (I was close to). I spoke to none of them, there was a funny tension or something. My boss was losing his head saying they were so serious and cold (they are!). I was very conscious of the difference between them and my work group - theatre group, their looseness. P10 2

In this room, this incredible unbelievable tiredness, could not get up - dead to the world, really heavy and dead. Crawled into a shower, a cold shower, woke up, realized I must have fallen asleep, thought I heard somebody at the door, went out there was nobody there. All the doors had their top left corners cut off. P10 2

3rd night

I was offered promotion in another country (Germany?), but at same time discovered a mutual attraction with a male colleague. Therefore there was a choice whether to accept promotion or stay with guy. Linked with excited feeling,- 'something about to happen' sensation; because of the excitement of the new relationship not the promotion. P6 3

4th night

Busy with many people about, Preparing to cook, a cat appeared in a saucepan. Thinking if you don't leave me alone I won't be able to get on with (cooking?). People are either coming to me or I'm rushing to find them. P4 4

5th night

I was in a night club by the beach. People were laughing at my enormous, jelly like tummy. Some others also had the same problem on other areas of their bodies. One man had an area 3D, like a wood cut of a beach scene. Another bearded man had a 3D cup and saucer, looking totally real, even had tea in the cup. They said don't worry about my tummy, its completely normal. P5 5

At an airport with a group of friends, but lost suit my suit case before checking in, wandering around looking for it. P6 5

6th night

Lots of dreams about work and a society I am involved in but don't remember them very well. P10 6

I had a beard, real pain to shave. I knew I had to do it for the rest of my life, a real problem. P5 6

A conflict between man and woman; man controlling, woman fleeing. There was a big black dog, very fierce looking, belonging to the man. It ate all the creatures in a caged pen they just vanished he consumed them without tearing them apart. There were some black kittens bedraggled and scared in the corner of the cage. I somehow stopped him from killing. The man was trying to find the woman, she was terrified he would kill her, she hid out then after much tooing and froing she escaped back home to safety away from the man. (I am normally afraid of large black ferocious dogs. I'm afraid of physical violence from men. I never confront violence. I never put myself in that situation. P7 6

I was getting married again, I was wearing black trousers and a waistcoat. I seemed to be at a party with my friends and getting married from there, but decided to call it off because the groom was drunk. P6 6

Old recurring dream. Big house with lots of rooms, aware of lots of furniture. I'm rushing about from room to room and closing windows on my own-no people- modern gadgets and furniture. Expanse of glass, as fast as I closed windows and pull curtains, had to move from room to room to close more, never completed. P4 6

7th night

Martin and I were staying in a hotel. When we got up in the morning there were bugs in the room, on the floor and bed clothes lots of mosquito like things and little wormy things that were jumping onto us and we had to brush them off. P6 7

Dreamt I had to make up some Remedies. (I had to potentize them by banging them on the pavement). There was an urgent need for the remedies as all other stocks were destroyed. P3 7

8th night

Martin had recommended I need 2 books, as I read them I was in the books and it was part of the dream. One book had me and someone else walking to somewhere:- I had on a bright orange pleated skirt, the other person was in black or white. Ate bright orange chili chicken for supper. Remembered dream because I awoke at the sound of a car alarm at 2.10 am. P6 8

On a bus trying to get to seaside with someone. Never arrived at the seaside - ended up on my own. She arrived but I didn't - stayed upstairs on the bus. P4 8

Dream about remedies studied; felt belly; 6 a.m. late for work, wandering off; Plymouth shopping; market stalls (medieval) local train service disruptive (time-theme), a guard is instructed to speak and explain the situation to passengers. P9 8

9th night

I was tricked into being with a man, I knew to be dangerous. I had to perform fellatio. I didn't like it as he tasted too salty. He could not be trusted, one minute friendly the next openly hostile and striking out physically, when threatened. I was terrified of being alone with him and had to get away. The scene changed to a party situation, lots of people were gathered in a barn on two levels, he was there and I had to be careful to avoid him. I returned home and my daughter was not here. She had gone somewhere, [she's 4 1/2] she had a key, so though I was concerned I knew she'd be back. I had a friend and ally in an older man with white hair, he was caring and responsible, he was outside keeping vigil, she returned the next day, all was well. P7 9

Dream about cycling with mother in Stevenage; with rules about cycling, tolls to pay. P9 9

10th night

Dreamt of a man I haven't thought about for a number of years. I use to really despise him, but perhaps he wasn't so bad really. I think I was just as much the problem. P5 10

House with windows and doors all to be closed, so that I could go away with a friend that was ready. Awful feeling of trying to pack. The walls of the house are uneven, windows frames and doors with gapping holes-some with windows-between frame and windows. I was afraid people would get in. How can I leave the house like this?. It was late, had to drive, felt it was impossible to choose. Time factor was of great concern. She was pulling at clothes (colourful). I was rejecting her selection, Cry of a black cat amongst clothing. knock at door, I opened it- had a gapping hole at door. Man standing there offering a quick drive service, said no I wasn't ready to leave. Lots of colour in dream. P4 10




Feeling like a bubble, when getting up from floor. General strange feeling, unsteady walking for a minute. P1 1 +00.45 NSHEAD

Tingling in vertex to back of head. Feeling of expansion, as if light bulb switched on. Slightly different from meditative state, coming more from inside. P1 1 +00.15 NS

Annoying pressing pain, over eyes and temples, worse for light. P5 1 +01.15 NS

Tight; aching; pressure with heat. Left sided Frontal lobe to behind eye. P5 1 +02.15 NS

Headache at noon. Achy, tight, started in a band behind my eyes; lasted all day woke in the night wondering if I still had it. P6 2 12.00 NS

Headache over right eye, sharp pain. Worse light, better for pressure. 5 to 7.30 p.m. Had before from coffee. P5 6 17.00 AS

Headache, feeling of tightness. Flu like feeling with sinuses and sense of disorientation. P6 6 XX.XX OS

Headache over right eye from 5 to 6 p.m. Worse for light, better for pressure. P5 8 17.00 AS

Headache over right eye, felt very tired at same time, groggy, lasted all evening until I went to sleep; sharp pain; worse light, better pressure, and relieved by eating. P5 11 17.00 NS


Eyes felt very tired, imagined if he looked at himself in mirror would be very red (like a cold). P8 1 +03.15 NS

People said my eyes were really bright. P6 3 XX.XX NS

Eyes dry and itchy, keep rubbing them, worse for keeping eyes still and staring hard. P5 5 XX.XX NS

Tiredness, looked tired, red rimmed - fluey feeling stayed until 6 p.m. P6 6 XX.XX OS


Burning heat in right ear extending up from right cheek. Looks red. P5 1 +0.05 NS

Left ear numb. As if from light pressure on ear from outside. Lasted from 22.00 to 22.15 p.m. P1 1 22.00 NS

Ears stinging very sensitive, after walking in South East wind. P5 2 XX.XX OS

Lots of thin, yellow wax. P5 3 XX.XX NS

Feeling as if left ear 'plugged up', lasted half an hour. Worse pressing. Felt had to clear ear properly, felt need to press externally with fingers to clear the sensation. P6 4 XX.XX OS

Sounds seem very loud, sounds from the flat below sound as if they are in my flat. P6 11 XX.XX NS


Tip of nose cold. P5 1 03.00 NS

Very sensitive to smell of board pen, even at 3-4 m. P5 2 XX.XX NS


Right cheek intense burning heat, both internal and external rising up to cheek. Looks very red. Extending to right ear. P5 1 +00.05 NS

Flushing, heat. P2 1 +00.10 RS

Heat of cheeks, were 1st physical symptom, burning as if next to fire. P8 1 +00.10 NS

Sensation of dry, burning heat in left cheek. P1 1 +00.15 NS

Lips, tingling, burning. Extending from tongue and palate. 22.00 to 22.15 p.m. P1 1 +01.15 NS

Noticed I was smiling widely, lasted for the rest of day. P6 3 XX.XX NS

Lips, very dry sensation and very dry to touch, especially bottom lip, it felt swollen. P10 3 XX.XX NS

Pressing pain in right sinus (cheek) at 6.45 p.m., worse for pressure. P5 6 18.45 NS

Aching sinuses above cheeks AND flu like symptoms. P6 6 XX.XX RS


Tongue, intense sensation as if; burnt; scalded, swollen, difficulty talking it gets in the way. P5 1 +00.01 NS

Tongue, burning in centre, lasting all evening. P2 1 XX.XX NS

Mouth, unpleasant taste lasting until next evening. P2 1 XX.XX RS

Heat tip of tongue, later extending to point of upper lip. P8 1 XX.XX NS

Burning, fuzzy, tingling on upper hard palate, spreading to tongue. P1 1 +00.15 NS

Burning, fuzzy. Spreading from back of tongue, extending to front. P1 1 +00.15 NS

Very dry, thirsty. Constant burning sensation of tongue and palate, of varying intensity. P1 1 +01.15 NS


Feels, sore, dry and swollen. P5 2 XX.XX OS


Noticed the hairs on my throat had got darker. P5 7 XX.XX NS


Thirsty. Had two glasses of iced fizzy water, really needed it cold and fizzy. P5 1 +01.00 NS

Eating lots of cheese. P10 2 XX.XX NS

Nausea, reached highest intensity between 2-2.30 a.m. and again 4-4.30 a.m. Couldn't stay in any position for more than a few minutes. P2 2 02.00 NS

Want of appetite. Thirsty all day but didn't drink any more than usual. P6 2 XX.XX NS

Appetite lost, feel apathetic about food, but fancy boiled sweets. P5 3 XX.XX NS

Nausea, travel sick on journey home, felt hot (car was hot; similar to feeling of heat in hangover), worse for heat, better for fresh air. P6 3 XX.XX NS

No hunger, indifference to food. P10 3 XX.XX NS

Went out drinking, drank an awful lot of my usual - Guinness. P10 3 XX.XX NS

1 hour after lunch, indigestion burning, going down to solar plexus, worse for eructations. P5 4 XX.XX NS

Very loud gurgling noises in stomach, without pain. P5 4 XX.XX NS

Spasmodic hiccuping (also previous night). P5 4 XX.XX NS

Eating all day, longing for things but don't know what. P10 5 XX.XX NS

Little appetite, for snacks, inclined more to snacks which is unusual. P5 6 XX.XX NS

Eating all the time. Got very weak and spaced only 2 hours after eating my lunch. P10 8 XX.XX NS

Really fancying junk food - pancakes, chips, chocolate etc. Feel maybe I am being nice and loving myself - childlike. P10 8 XX.XX NS

Craving chips, chocolate - want to eat all the time. P10 9 XX.XX NS

Craving for rich things, bitter chocolate, very rich chocolate pudding. Craves very hot curries and spirits e.g. tequila, normally salty things and red wine. P5 10 XX.XX NS

Craving for alcohol, strong spirits, (rum or tequila). I'm usually a red wine drinker. P5 12 XX.XX NS

Heartburn. P10 12 XX.XX NS


Pain I usually have (2 months) in right lung has moved down to liver area (just below diaphragm), worse just before stool.


Burning pain, night, solar plexus, a few minutes duration. P2 0 XX.XX NS


Watery, explosive, foul smelling and offensive (I have experienced it before when travelling). P5 3 XX.XX OS

Blood after hard stool at midday. P10 4 12.00 NS

Great difficulty with stool, very hard and painful, blood after stool, too painful to go. P10 13 XX.XX NS


Copious brown urine. Sensation as if urinating faeces. (Experienced when travelling) P5 3 XX.XX OS


Breasts painless before menses, normally for 3 days or so worse for touch, better continued pressure. P5 4 XX.XX CS

Period started, no pain. Felt calm, centred (usually dissatisfied and weepy). P5 5 XX.XX CS

Intense itching and heat of clitoris. 6 p.m. lasting one hour. P5 5 18.00 NS


Sensation as if I've cotton wool in my chest, which feels heavy and blocked 11 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. P5 5 XX.XX NS

Breasts don't feel heavy, sore and aching, as they usually do at start of menses. P5 5 XX.XX CS

Red mole I have between my breasts is very itchy and sore, seems raised. P10 5 XX.XX AS

No pain or swelling during period. P5 6 XX.XX CS

Centre of chest quite sore. P10 6 XX.XX NS


Awoke in the night with a croupy, hacking cough, lasting 5 minutes. worse for overheating, better drinking water. (usual form cough takes but out of the blue as haven't a cold at present). P6 6 XX.XX OS

Woke at 3.15 a.m. coughing, but only briefly. P6 7 03.15 OS


Very strong palpitations, died off after a few minutes. P5 3 XX.XX NS


Stiffness in vertebra at back of neck, made my head feel heavy and neck tired, whilst ironing and later driving. P6 4 XX.XX NS

Pins and needles in left shoulder. (Had this all through the proving, still get it now and again, 6 months later.) P10 4 XX.XX NS

During the night the muscle coming from neck to left shoulder feels tight and sore to touch. P6 5 XX.XX NS

During the night, burning pain on the right side near spine below ribs, like a hole going through to front, lasted about 10 minutes then moved to the solar plexus, then left side, then to chest, pain slight by this time. Right side still slightly bruised in morning. P2 7 XX.XX NS

At 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. a sensation in my neck of tension and stiffness whilst sitting. Better for massage. Continued there all day but not noticed. P6 8 10.00 NS

Woke with stiff neck (played squashed yesterday). Wore off quite quickly. P6 10 XX.XX NS


Shooting pain, back of right knee joint, of a couple of minutes duration, worse sitting; better moving leg backwards and forwards. P6 5 XX.XX OS

Itching right little finger, from base to knuckle. Lasted 10 minutes. Skin appears red, had to scratch it - noticed at 9 p.m. a small red mark on knuckle, not itching or raised. P6 6 09.00 NS


Body alternating warm and cold every 10 minutes. P5 1 +02.30 NS

Feel really bad, feel shivery and cold, trembling all over (experienced when travelling). P5 3 XX.XX OS

Relaxed. Drove faster than usual. P2 4 XX.XX NS

Felt very chilly all day very sensitive to draughts. P5 5 XX.XX NS


Lots of itching back of neck and under beard for the first three hours. P8 1 +00.10 NS

Itch worse. P10 5 XX.XX NS

My psoriasis is itchy, it's not normally. P10 12 XX.XX NS

Skin is very dry, on my face, my chin especially. P10 12 XX.XX NS

Skin is very dry and psoriasis is itchy. P10 13 XX.XX NS


Slept very heavily. Unusual as in strange house and bed. P5 2 XX.XX NS

Slept well. P2 2 XX.XX NS

Talked in sleep (Gibberish). P6 2 XX.XX OS

Went to sleep quickly, thought of some very interesting ideas, I must investigate tomorrow. P5 3 XX.XX NS

Restless sleep, awoke several times, but able to get back to sleep quickly. P6 11 XX.XX NS