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Homeopathic Treatment for
Gulf War Syndrome and Illnesses

by Erika North Price, DIHom, DHM

The many illnesses, symptoms and disorders of GWS

Homeopathic Remedies for GWS:
Apis mellifica
Arsenicum album
Aurum metallicum
Cadmium sulphuricum
Carbo vegetabilis
Ledum palustre
Radium bromatum
Thuja occidentalis
Uranium nitricum

Excerpted and edited down from the book Desperate Remedies, the Classical Homeopathic Treatment of Intractable Disorders: Herpes Virus * Gulf War Syndrome * Chronic Fatigue Disorders * Anxiety by Erika North Price. This book is nearing completion but I have not yet sought a publisher. I feel, however, that sharing the specific information on Gulf War Syndrome is of immediate importance. You can also find this and other information on my web site.

s a classical homeopath, I cannot consult about the homeopathic remedies for Gulf War Illnesses without discussing the true causes and symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). Homeopathic prescribing is most dependent on the individual symptoms of each sufferer, and so it is a most viable method of treatment for the very diverse symptoms of GWS, but finding the causes of GWS is important for prescribing too.

GWS causes many illnesses which are real and terrifying. It can be both lethal and moderately contagious. It can be communicable through casual and intimate contact of bodily fluids from sexual exchange and by airborne contact by coughing and perspiration, making for secondary infectees. GWS is not imagined as the U.S. Dept of Defense has alleged for the past 5 years while refusing proper medical care and benefits to the vets and their families. To date GWS affects well over 160,000 of the Gulf War veterans. This ever-growing statistic does not include the secondary infectees: the wives, children, other family members, friends or associates who are sick, disabled, dying or dead.

Whole families are now ill. Their babies are being born with severe congenital defects and deformities, including being born with one or more missing limbs, missing an eye or ear or organs, and blood disorders. Sixty seven percent of babies born to Gulf War vets are affected, and over half of all babies born in Iraq since the war are affected. Even their pets are coming down with the GWS illnesses and dying. Iraq is also reporting alarmingly high increases in rare and unknown diseases, primarily in their children. Kuwait is also affected, as are the British veterans of the Gulf War.

At the end of the Gulf War, in March of 1991, the Pentagon hailed the war as a virtually bloodless victory-- for the U.S. But it may take decades and generations before the true casualty count is known.

Symptoms began immediately in some cases, but mostly they have appeared six months to six years after the time of exposure. They can get progressively worse until the victim is partially or completely disabled.

Causes, as known thus far, include:

  • Sarin a deadly nerve agent, same as used in the Tokyo subway attacks.
  • Mustard gas, a blistering agent that can burn flesh and lungs.
  • Fallout of biological agents released during and after allied bombings of Iraqi chemical warfare munitions facilities.
  • Anthrax and Botulinum toxoid vaccines and several other experimental vaccines, all forcibly administered to US troops as guinea pigs.
  • Veterans were also exposed to at least 21 potential reproductive toxins, possibly harmful to them and their future children.
  • Pyridostigmine bromide, an anti-nerve agent pre-treatment drug forcibly administered to the US soldiers; its use in conjunction with Deet insecticide repellant may have been noxious.
  • Fifteen germ warfare agents such as mycoplasma fermentans and incognitus which infects human cells and damages them.
  • Last but not least, and this one has remained mostly hidden from public knowledge: depleted uranium (DU) in the American and British weapons and armor used in the Gulf War. Troops and the civilian population were exposed to weapons made from radioactive depleted uranium. DU is the most deadly cause of GWS. It consists of radioactive nuclear waste and it is capable of causing almost all of the symptoms of the Gulf War illnesses.

DU was used in warfare for the first time in operation Desert Storm. It was the Pentagon's first live field test of armor-piercing bullets, tank shells, and tank armor made of this deadly radioactive nuclear waste. Because of DU's ability to penetrate steel, it has become a popular weapon with the brass. When fired, a DU shell combusts on impact, and as much as 70% of the material is released and turns into an aerosol of radioactive uranium particles. It becomes an irradiating powder in the air. It travels in the wind or becomes mixed with dust and dirt. It can be inhaled and ingested and it can be trapped in the lungs or kidneys.

'Depleted' Uranium is a cleverly deceptive term for the radioactive by-product of the uranium enrichment process. 'Depleted' does not mean non-radioactive. Depleted uranium is radioactive, with a half life of 4.4 billion years. It now contaminates battlefields, military bases, proving grounds, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who handled it, and the innocent victims of war. DU remains imbedded in soil, water, and bodily fluids long after its use, where millions can come into contact with it. When these highly toxic uranium particles enter the body, they become lodged in major organs or bones, affecting the bone marrow and producing DNA damage.

The causes of GWS, when they are viewed objectively instead of through the haze of diversion and misinformation that are served up by the government and the corporate media, prove that the Pentagon's brass knowingly used their own soldiers as disposable guinea pigs and cannon fodder, and they should be liable for such behavior.

How the combination of these toxic and radioactive materials affect the immune system is not yet known, but the symptoms tell a lot.

The many illnesses, symptoms and disorders of GWS

Illnesses, symptoms and disorders of GWS include: many auto-immune symptoms and disorders; severe and chronic fatigue; chronic vomiting and diarrhea and other gastrointestinal illnesses; chronic fevers; skin sores and rashes including ones that look like giant ringworm; muscle and joint pain; severe weight loss (a wasting away); immuno-suppressant disorders similar to AIDS; heart problems, irregular heart beat; shortness of breath; headaches; bleeding and hemorrhaging; nasal congestion; twitching; oral ulcerations, blisters on the lips; swollen lymph nodes; multiple chemical sensitivities; severe muscle and joint pain and aches; chronic and severe headaches; hemorrhaging from any orifice; urinary tract infections, urinary urgency, incontinence, and other urinary and bladder and kidney disorders; nerve damage; numbness and tingling; partial paralysis; swollen lymph nodes; drooling; excessive sweating; cramping; diverticulitis; convulsions, loss of consciousness and coma; bizarre tumors and often brain stem tumors, and various radiation-caused cancers; lymphomas; leukemia; cervical cancer; severe sleep disorders, including insomnia for days at a time, night sweats; respiratory infections; an inability to function physically and mentally; neurologic and neuropsychological symptoms; Hodgkin's Disease; lymphomas; leukemia; tumors and various radiation caused cancers; Graves' Disease of the thyroid; microorganism infections; strange sensations that a body part is missing or as splashed with hot water or in ice; Multiple Sclerosis; Lou Gehrig's Disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and Guillain-Barr Syndrome-like symptoms. The female partners of affected G.I.'s and female G.I.'s are also developing ovarian cysts and tumors, cervical cancer, herpes, chlamydia; and a great number of other symptoms. Anxiety or nervousness are common, as are severe depression, deep sadness, memory loss, confusion, difficult concentration, personality changes, mood swings, irritability, violent angry rages, the need to calm down by self medicating with alcohol or drugs; and many are suicidal.

Homeopathic Remedies for GWS

(The symbol ">" means "better from"; the symbol "<" denotes "worse from".)

[anthrax nosode]

Illnesses from Anthrax Toxoid Vaccine and septic and malignant inflammations of connective or cellular tissue, mucous membranes, glands and skin, with sepsis, abscess, enormous swellings, burning and intolerable pain. Weakness and exhaustion of extremities. Extreme collapse with difficulty swallowing and breathing, asphyxia, loss of consciousness, and death in bleeding cases. Organs are enlarged, swollen or engorged. Severe pains in limbs and joints. Eruptions and abscesses are black or dark-red and are very painful. Enormous swelling of inflamed parts. Intolerable burning pains. Restless and unrefreshing sleep or comatose sleep.

  • Abscesses: are blackish or dark-red, terribly painful, and resolve slowly even after days of discharging of pus, sepsis, enormous swelling; malignant appearance.
  • Fever: with thirst, diminished appetite, dilated pupils, ringing in ears, great weakness, delirium, diarrhea, sweat all over, pain in limbs and joints.
  • Headache: as if hot smoke was passing through head; with chill; dizziness; swelling of head.
  • Hemorrhage: thick, black tar-like, from any orifice; blood does not coagulate.
  • Skin: the succession of boils and boil-like eruptions and terrible burning and painful carbuncles (deep interconnected boils), that produce blackish or dark-red abscesses; septic inflammation, malignant pustules and ulcers, ulcerations and abscesses with pus; gangrene; black or blue blisters; bubo (lymph gland swelling especially armpit and groin areas); smallpox; crusty oozing eruption; sloughing (shedding of dead layers of skin) whitlows and ulcers; insect stings; foul secretions; whitlows that are malignant and burning; black palm vesicles that may be large; black blister eruptions on the thigh; knee blister eruption; gangrenous ulcers that are horribly offensive..
  • Thirst: excessive, but can hardly swallow; with fever.
  • Vomiting: with nausea, followed by painless diarrhea, bellyache with pressure and burning, and collapse; bile and slimy masses.

Modalities: < Eggs; before menses; sex; opening mouth.
> Discharges; weeping.

Disposition: An emotional wound that is deeply concealed in unrealized silent grief. They are emotionally dead with deep retention and restriction of their feelings. Their depression is expressed more as a physical debility with chill and pain in limbs. They accept their suffering state as a natural way of life, and never talk about their trauma of the past, nor do they seem to even recognize it. There is confusion and lack of awareness. Sex is a dead issue for them and there may be aversion to sex. Anxiety is felt particularly in the chest area overlying the heart. They think they feel death approaching. There is dullness as if from narcotics. In extremes they may howl like an animal, and run about biting.

Thirsty. No appetite. Desires sweets and chocolate. Aversion to eggs.

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